A middle palaeolithic bout coupé handaxe from Shirley, Surrey

C.J.W. Taylor


This article highlights a newly identified bout coupé handaxe from Shirley, Surrey. During 2016 this artefact, owned by the Croydon Natural History & Scientific Society Museum, was returned after a period of almost 20 years on long-term loan. Only on its return was it realised that it is a finely worked and hitherto unidentified bout coupé handaxe. This is a relatively rare type, there being fewer than 100 from Britain. The opportunity is also taken to identify another bout coupé from Gosden Farm, Bramley, Surrey.

Full reference: Taylor, C.J.W. 2017. A Middle Palaeolithic bout coupé handaxe from Shirley, Surrey. Lithics: the Journal of the Lithic Studies Society 38: 27–31.

Keywords: Patination, basket-weave, loess, mammoth, handaxe

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