Some observations on platform preparation at Sungir’, Russia

R. Dinnis, N. Reynolds, A. Bessudnov, A. Denisova


Here we document striking platform preparation at the Upper Palaeolithic site of Sungir’ (Vladimir Oblast, Russia) comparable to the en éperon (spurring) technique. Its employment has resulted in butts with particularly large and wide spurs. Such preparation was apparently used during creation and maintenance of blade debitage surfaces, but not during plein débitage blade production. This may relate to the often poor raw materials worked at Sungir’. The same technique is evident on one blade in the small assemblage from nearby Rusanikha.

Full reference: Dinnis, R., Reynolds, N., Bessudnov, A. & Denisova, A. 2017. Some observations on platform preparation at Sungir’, Russia. Lithics: the Journal of the Lithic Studies Society 38: 18–26.

Keywords: Upper Palaeolithic, Streletskian, Sungirian, blade technology, en éperon, Russia, Rusanikha

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