Late Quaternary (Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and later prehistoric) human activity in the Darent Valley at Lullingstone County Park, Eynford, Kent (Anderson-Whymark and Pope 2016)

J.T. Hogue


“This brief publication assembled by Hugo Anderson-Whymark and Matt Pope provides a succinct overview of the works undertaken at Lullingstone County Park, Eynsford, Kent, by Archaeology South-East and Surrey County Archaeological Unit. A series of prehistoric occupations were identified at the site, including in situ concentrations of material assigned to the terminal Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic, as well as limited numbers of artefacts from the Neolithic and Bronze Age. The works are of interest as they provide a significant contribution to the handful of high- resolution records of terminal Upper Palaeolithic long-blade manufacture and tool use, in close association with evidence of microlithic technology presumably associated with the early Mesolithic. . . .”

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