Exploring late Neanderthal locales: preliminary reanalyses of Middle Palaeolithic assemblages from the Axe Valley

F.W.F. Foulds


“Recently, White & Pettitt (2011) put forward the concept of Local Operational Areas (LOAs) for several regions in late Middle Palaeolithic Britain. They suggested that local clusters of sites and findspots represent regional areas in which Neanderthals operated, possibly in conjunction with seasonal occupations. They also noted that British Neanderthal raw-material acquisition occurred over a local scale, with flint generally acquired within 5 km of findspots and never further than ~30–40 km, consistent with Geneste’s (1985; 1989) local and regional scales of raw- material transfer, indicating a potential constraint on landscape use. Furthermore, they posit whether LOAs were part of a wider network of Neanderthal occupation and relocation throughout Britain. . . .”

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