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THE LITHIC STUDIES SOCIETY: The Lithic Studies Society was founded in 1979 and seeks to
advance the international study of lithic industries in the broadest possible context. New members are
welcome and details of the Society’s activities may be obtained from the Secretary, Josie Mills, c/o
Franks House, 38−56 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ (e-mail:


MEMBERSHIP: Applications for membership, subscriptions and changes of address should be sent to
the Membership Secretary, Rob Davis, c/o Lithic Studies Society, British Museum, Franks House, 38–
56 Orsman Road, London, N1 5QJ. The annual subscription, due on 1st October, is currently £15, and
payment by annual standing order is the favoured method of payment. Payment can also be made
online via Paypal.

The membership application form and annual standing order form are available on the Lithic Studies
Society website:

Lithic Studies Society